Dutch State publishes second green bond report

The Dutch State Treasury Agency reports on the allocation and impact of the

€ 3.01 bln that was issued in 2020 under the green bond. This report will be published yearly until full allocation and when all proceeds from the green bond have been accounted for.

In May 2019 The Netherlands was the first triple-A rated country to issue a green bond (green DSL). At that time, an amount of €5,98 bln was raised. In 2020 an additional amount of €3,01 bln was raised with this green bond. Earlier in 2021 an amount of €1.72 bln was raised. Therefore the total amount raised with this green bond amply exceeds the targeted minimum volume of €10 bln.

Last year, on 28 May 2020, the green bond report was published for the first time. In that report, the allocation and impact of the proceeds of the green bond in 2019 were published. The green bond report that is published on 27 May 2021 is about the allocation and impact of the proceeds of the green bond in 2020. In addition, other subjects like the EU green taxonomy and feedback from investors on the green bond report from last year are covered in the report.

The proceeds of the green bond are allocated to green or climate related expenses and investments of the Dutch State. The specific expenses were renewable energy (SDE-regulation), energy efficiency (STEP-regulation), clean transportation (expenses and investments in railway infrastructure) and investments in climate adaptation (Deltafonds). All the proceeds (€ 3.01 billion) have been allocated to eligible expenses of the green bond framework. The independent auditor of the Dutch State (Auditdienst Rijk), Sustainalytics and the Climate Bonds Initiative have also confirmed this.