Treasury and Debt Operations

Bharti Girjasing

Bharti Girjasing is head of the division Treasury & Debt Operations (TDO). TDO is the back-office of the DSTA.

In the end, the majority of the activities result in transactions and financial flows. Among the many tasks are clearing& settlement, registration, bookkeeping and monitoring risks (f.i. credit ratings, VARs).

It is the responsibility of TDO to process all data into the ICT-systems with adequate checks and balances, to draft the borrowing conditions for DSLs and DTCs and to provide management with all relevant information on debt, cash flows and risks. Being one of the most creditworthy countries in the world is not only about macro economic issues, but also depends on being a reliable counterparty in its daily operations, for instance by ensuring the timely payment of interest and principals.

TDO also regulates and predicts the cash balance of the central government.