Controlling, Accounting and Reporting

Diederik van Leeuwen

Diederik van Leeuwen is interim head of the division Controlling, Accounting and Reporting (CAR).

This division is responsible for the DSTA's IT-related matters. This means that CAR provides functional management and user support. In addition to solving or coordinating IT-related problems, this role involves managing projects, assigning user authorizations, configuring applications, and providing advice on IT-related issues.

Besides these operational IT matters, CAR is also responsible for information management, system ownership, business consultancy, information architecture, privacy and requirements management.

In addition, the division is responsible for the planning and control cycle, financial administration and accounting, budgeting and accounting for both public debt and treasury banking (Schatkistbankieren), preparation of management information, management of the administrative organisation and internal controls (AO/IC), operational risk management, and development of policy evaluations and cost-benefit analyses.