Cash Management, Issuance and Trading

Justin Heydenrijk

Justin Heydenrijk is head of the division Cash Management, Issuance and Trading (CMIT).

The division CMIT is the front office of the DSTA. The division includes the dealing room, procurement of payment services and internal account management for government institutions.

The dealingroom executes all capital and money market transactions for the Dutch State, which includes bond and bill auctions, daily cash management and swap transactions. Furthermore, the dealing room acts as the primary source of information on financial market developments for the Minister as well as for other parts of the Ministry.

Procurement of payment services for the central government generally takes place through European tender procedures for different lots of payments for a period of several years. Under the centrally tendered contracts, ministries and a number of other agencies of the central government are responsible for doing payments themselves.

The internal account management for government institutions is part of the centralised treasury for (semi) public organisations (see also subject Treasury Banking). The account managers are the contacts for participating institutions for information on for instance deposit rates, loan structures and financing options.