Organisation and mandating order

What is our mandate?

Article 105, sub 5, of the Dutch Constitution [1] states that rules relating to the management of the State’s finances shall be prescribed by Act of Parliament. These rules are further elucidated in the Government Accounts Act, or in Dutch the “Comptabiliteitswet” [2]. The Government Accounts Act states in article 4.3, sub 3, that the Minister of Finance is responsible for the management of the National Debt Budget. Article 4.18 of the Government Accounts Act anchors that the Minister of Finance is responsible for (a) Government debt management; and (b) the closing of agreements to issue financial instruments by the State for funding of the debt and refinancing of maturing debt instruments. The organisation and mandate decree explains the tasks of the DSTA and the various departments within the DSTA [3].  Subsequently, the Minister of Finance mandates [4] the Agent of the DSTA. On his turn, the Agent of the DSTA mandates [5] the following persons.