Dutch State will not exercise the option to reopen an existing DSL on 14 November 2023

In the Quarterly Outlook for the fourth quarter of 2023, the Dutch State Treasury Agency (DSTA) announced it would be designating one remaining auction moment in November as optional. At least six days prior to the proposed auction moment, the DSTA would announce whether this auction would be held and which DSL would be issued. 

Today, the DSTA announces that it will not exercise the option to tap an existing DSL on 14 November 2023. Based on market consultation among its Primary Dealers and taking into account the current cash forecasts, the DSTA has decided not to use the proposed auction date in November 2023. The DSTA reserves the right to add an auction or, alternatively, alter or remove an auction from the issuance calendar.

On 15 December 2023 the DSTA will publish its Outlook for 2024, including the funding need and funding plan for the upcoming year.

DSL issuance calendar fourth quarter 2023

Auction date


Target volume (€bn)

17 October 2023

New 20-year Green DDA

4 - 5

24 October 2023

Reopening of the DSL 15 July 2033

2- 2.5

14 November 2023

Optional: Tap of an existing DSL

Option not exercised*