Dutch State publishes its 2022 Green Bond Report

The Dutch State Treasury Agency (DSTA) has released its fourth annual Green Bond Report today. This report provides insights into the DSTA's Green Bond issuance and its impact through an allocation and impact report. New to this year’s allocation and impact report is an introduction of social and adverse impacts related to the Eligible Green Expenditures. The report acts as an example of the continued commitment of the Netherlands towards the climate goals.

Following the 2022 revision of the Green Bond Framework, the DSTA re-opened the Green DSL 2040 in June 2022 raising € 4.98 billion, bringing the total outstanding amount of the Green DSL 2040 to € 15.69 billion. The funds raised from the Green Bond are allocated to climate-related expenditures and investments by the government in accordance with the 2022 Green Bond Framework. This allocation has been independently audited and confirmed by the Central Government Audit Service (Auditdienst Rijk), Sustainalytics and the Climate Bonds Initiative.

Green DSL 2040 and the Green Bond Report

Through the issuance of Green Bonds in alignment with the Green Bond Principles and an updated Green Bond Framework demonstrating the extent of alignment of eligible expenditures with the EU taxonomy, the DSTA has facilitated Green issuance towards projects that mitigate climate change, such as clean transportation, climate change adaptation & sustainable water management.

This 2022 Green Bond report provides an overview of the allocation and impact of the Green Bond with respect to the issuance of 2022. In addition, several other topics related to the Dutch green bond have been included, such as investor feedback on the Green Bond Report, market developments, the developments of Dutch Green Bonds in the near future and three case studies.