Change to Primary Dealer group as of 2022 – clarification regarding Societe Generale

On 16 December 2021, the DSTA has announced the composition of its Primary Dealer group consisting of those institutions responsible for the promotion and distribution of Dutch State Loans. The group announced largely remains the same as the current group, however there is one change. Societe Generale no longer forms part of this group.

Societe Generale has been a Primary Dealer since 1999 and throughout the years the DSTA has very much appreciated the added value of Societe Generale. At the same time, the DSTA and Societe Generale acknowledged that the current ambition levels of both parties concerning the fulfilment of the Primary Dealer-role no longer appeared to be in line with each other. Consequently, the DSTA has decided with regret that for 2022 Societe Generale no longer forms part of the Primary Dealer group. Should at any point in time Societe Generale be interested to rejoin the Primary Dealer group, the DSTA would welcome to discuss the possibilities.