Dutch State publishes green bond report

On 21 May 2019, the State of the Netherlands was the first country with a triple-A rating to issue a green bond. The Dutch State Treasury Agency committed itself to publish a report one year later on the allocation and impact of the € 5.98 billion that was issued. The Dutch State Treasury Agency is very pleased to announce that it has now published the green bond report on its website (www.dsta.nl).

The report  presents  the allocation of the green bond proceeds towards the eligible expenses on climate and the (CO2) impact of these investments. This so-called allocation report and impact report is part of the indicated green bond reporting framework.

By issuing the green bond, the Netherlands aimed to further enhance and support the establishment of a robust green capital market. The issuance of the green bond by the Dutch state has enlarged the green capital market significantly in 2019. Next to the DSTA, there were sixteen other Dutch issuers active in 2019 on the green bond market. This led to a total amount of green bonds issuance in the Netherlands of more than € 13 bn. according to the Climate Bonds Initiative.

The proceeds of the green bond have all been allocated towards green or climate related expenses and investments of the Dutch State. The independent auditor of the Dutch State (ADR), Sustainalytics and the Climate Bonds Initiative have also confirmed this. The proceeds were specifically allocated towards renewable energy (SDE-regulation), energy efficiency (STEP-regulation), clean transportation (expenses and investments in railway infrastructure) and investments in climate adaptation (Deltafonds).