Registered Claims: Action required

Registered Claims: ACTION REQUIRED for holders of Grootboekrekeningen

Do you own debt certificates for the National Debt Ledger of the Dutch State (Grootboeken der Nationale schuld van de Nederlandse staat) and do you receive interest thereon?

Then please pay attention to the following:

In the context of changed regulations relating to the payment systems, we will soon have to include the name and address details of account holders in our payments.

To check whether we still have the correct details, we would like to ask you to email your initial(s), surname and address information associated with your account number, as known to us, to

Note: Without this information, it may be impossible to make payments to you!

The Dutch State Treasury Agency also offers the possibility to use the current repurchasing arrangement. Please see Grootboeken der Nationale Schuld (in Dutch) for further information or contact us at

Personal data that you provide will only be used by the Dutch State Treasury Agency for the purpose for which you provided it.

For further information regarding privacy, see: Privacy.