Payment services

The Dutch State Treasury Agency (DSTA) is responsible for an efficient and reliable design of the infrastructure for all payment transactions of the Dutch government. The main goal is to maintain and where possible improve the quality of the payment services and to monitor the involved costs.

Image: Outlook 2024

The Dutch State Treasury Agency (DSTA) acts as the central purchaser of payment transactions (and related services) of the Dutch government and therefore acts as a central point of contact for banks. In this context, the DSTA acts as principal in tendering procedures for central government payments.

The table below shows how the payment services of the Dutch government have been divided into different lots, listing the financial institutions that have been awarded the relevant lots:


Description lot

Current supplying financial institution

Termination of the contract


The payment transactions of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration


Extension to the maximum term (until May 2026) has been used. Contract ends in 2026. Preparations for new tender will start in 2023.


The incoming and outgoing cash, SEPA and worldwide payment transactions for all institutions of the Dutch central government with the exception of lots A and C and credit cards


In 2021 the tender was completed. A new contract (with ING) started on 1 February 2021.


The foreign payments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Tendered in 2022. Contract runs until 2027 with a possible extension to 2031.

Credit cards of the Dutch central government

ICS Card Services

1 September 2024, with variable extension possible until 1 September 2028

International payment service providers

  CM Payments

2025, with variable extension possible until 2029

Cash and transport of cash


31 October 2025 (possibility for the State to terminate from 1 November 2023)