Grootboeken (GBK)

The Dutch State redeemed the 2½%, 3% and 3½% grootboekleningen (GBK) in full as of 1 November 2022.

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De grootboekleningen (GBK) were originated in 1815, 1896 and 1910 respectively. The amount of the grootboekleningen which could not be disbursed on 1 November 2022, is paid into the account of the consignatiekas (Ministry of Finance) and will be retained until 2042.

For general information on the grootboekleningen (GBK), please see  Grootboeken der Nationale Schuld (in Dutch) or contact us at or +31(0)88-442 8181. If you are entitled to request disbursement of an amount held in the consignatiekas (Ministry of Finance) or have any questions on your (possible) entitlement hereto, please see the website of the consignatiekas for further information.


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