Elvira Eurlings

As of 1 February 2018 Elvira Eurlings is Agent of the DSTA.

One of the main tasks of the DSTA is to prepare and define a funding policy and to represent the State in financial markets. Other tasks of the DSTA relate to the procurement of payment services for the central government and the provision of financing and deposit facilities for government institutions. The DSTA is an integral part of the Ministry of Finance. 

The DSTA is the State's debt management office. In other countries, the actual funding transactions are oftentimes outsourced to a fiscal agent, in many cases the Central Bank. The DSTA, however, is both debt manager and fiscal agent. DSTA staff therefore has the privilege and responsibility to execute the funding policy. The Agent is the eyes and ears of the Minister of Finance in the financial markets. The DSTA provides relevant information and analysis to the Minister.