Reopening of the Green DSL January 2044 raises € 1.83 billion

The reopening of the ‘DSL 3.25% 15 January 2044’ today raised an amount of € 1.83 billion. Settlement is on Thursday 11 July 2024.

The results of the auction are as follows:

Average price:  

€ 104.00

Average yield:  

2.976 %

Volume raised:

€ 1,825,000,000

New outstanding volume:

€ 8,960,953,000

The bond was auctioned via the screens of MTS Netherlands. The Primary Dealers have a non-comp facility for a period of three business days after the closing of the auction. An average of 15% of the volume issued at the auction is available for this facility. The maximum percentage per Primary Dealer depends on the performance of the relevant Primary Dealer in quoting Dutch State Loans in the secondary market. Primary Dealers may only make use of the non-comp facility if they purchase at least 3% of the auctioned amount. If Primary Dealers use this facility, the outstanding volume of the bond will increase. For the up-to-date figures on the outstanding amount per bond, please consult our website (