Reopening DSL 2029 raises € 1.425 billion

The reopening of the ‘DSL 0.25% 15 July 2029’ today raised an amount of € 1.425 billion. Settlement is on Thursday 11 July 2019.

The results of the auction are as follows:

Average price:

€ 104.61

Average yield: 


Volume raised:

€ 1,425,000,000

New outstanding volume:

€ 9,047,587,000

The bond was auctioned via the screens of MTS Netherlands (MTS). The Primary Dealers have a non-comp facility for a period of three business days after the closure of the issuance. The facility is capped at 15% of the volume issued at the auction. If Primary Dealers use this facility, the volume outstanding will increase. For the up-to-date figures on the outstanding amount per bond, please consult our website (